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TEDxBU's theme 2019 theme "Avant Garde" was chosen to embody the overall spirit of TED - spreading ideas that matter. Avant Garde defined emphasizes the introduction of new and experimental ideas in all industries from business to art. TEDxBU is a celebration of individual ideas and breaking the status quo. The event is a medium meant to facilitate discussion, and introduce radical ideas.

Who was at TEDxBU 2019?

  • Travis Roy
  • Nikki Innocent
  • Rob Kornblum
  • Stacy Chin
  • Mackenzie Bullard
  • Jeannette Guillemin
  • Wendy Stewart Grossman

These brilliant speakers will provoke truly Avant-Garde thoughts. Our goal in organizing a TEDx event is to create a unique gathering in our community that will unleash new ideas, inspire and inform.

Our Mission

In a community brimming with intellectual promise, this independently organized TEDx event will be a confluence of innovation and revolutionary ideas. TEDxBU's 2019 theme "Avant Garde" emphasizes pushing boundaries and breaking the status quo. We plan on inspiring attendees to take a risk, big or small, and provide a diverse perspective. We have invited experts in all industries, from business to art, to show that Avant Garde is not “one size fits all”. It is applicable to all aspects of one's life. This is the motivation behind TEDxBU.

Our Team

Thomas Rigal - Lead Organizer
Anna Pham - Community Relations
Ethan Weinberg - Event Coordinator
Alexander Hutchinson - Development and Financial Manager
Andriana Skaperdas - Operations and Outreach Coordinator
Geneve Lau - Outreach Coordinator
William Burnett - Communications Coordinator

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